We SURAMANI.COM are one of the Manufacturers of Construction Chemicals and Epoxies. SYSCONS is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. Our Plant is situated in Hyderabad.We at SYSCONS have geared up to set up new parameters to face the specific Construction difficulties. SYSCONS is committed in supporting Indian Industry’s quest for achieving new heights in building Products, Solution based Service to the Construction and Infrastructure Industry. We continue to engage in Developmental activities   at    our    SYSCONS   Research Centre towards  Product.

Our Products are Categorized into

  • Concrete Admixtures.
  • Water Proofing Chemicals & Coatings.
  • Tile Adhesives & Tile Grouts.
  • Epoxy Floorings & Epoxy Coatings.
  • Cementitious & Epoxy Grouts.
  • Polyester Resin Anchor Grout.
  • Bonding Agents. (Acrylic, Epoxy, S.B.R & Latex)
  • Repair Products.
  • Misllaneous Product
  • We aim to give Cost effectiveness, speed and high Quality to the construction industry while incorporating advance technologies. We believe in providing the right services and product to utmost satisfaction of the Client. We can manufacture any tailor made Products to suit requirements of the client. A team of qualified, experienced and dedicated people manages SYSCONS.
    • Our Products are tested at Civil-Aid Technologies, Bangalore.